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Much like the United States, the Brazilian government was slow to react to the virus, and Brazil joined us as one of the global epicenters of COVID-19 cases and deaths. New research shows that, also like the States, pre-existing inequities in living and working conditions along racial, educational, and class lines are at the root of the higher infection and mortality rates observed in low-income and non-white communities. The research also shows that without government aid, COVID exacerbates inequality.

This is the first report of the SCEPA Labor Market Indicators (LMI) project.

This report analyzes the results of new indicators from our previous indicator report, for the early 2000s.

Unemployment and employment rates are the conventional indicators used to measure economic and labor market performance.

National labor market performance is conventionally judged on the basis of unemployment and employment rates.

This paper compares trends in low pay employment in the US and France.

Brief — February 2015 Unemployment Report for Workers Over 55

Brief — January 2017 Unemployment Report for Workers Over 55  

December 2016 Unemployment Report for Workers Over 55