How Risk Undermines TIF's Self-Financing Premise

November 20, 2020

Working Paper - TIF’s self-financing rhetoric can be used to shift risk onto taxpayers.

Authors: Bridget Fisher and Flávia Leite

"How Risk Undermines TIF's Self-Financing Premise: A Case Study of Hudson Yards" expands the evaluation of TIF by questioning the widespread understanding of TIF as a self-financing tool through analysis of its risks and costs to taxpayers. The authors find that disclosing and assigning project risk is necessary before the project’s public approval to provide a robust cost-benefit analysis to municipalities considering TIF implementation and to ensure taxpayers are fully informed.

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This research was published in Cities, the International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning under the title, “Selling TIF: Positioning Hudson Yards as a project that pays for itself."
Cities, Volume 125, 2022.