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Relative senior poverty levels are more than double the official U.S. rate.

Issue Brief | Official U.S. poverty rates significantly undercount America’s elderly poor. According to internationally-recognized relative poverty measures, more than 12 million older Americans are poor. Policymakers should adopt relative poverty measures to address the depth and extent of elder poverty in America.

Issue Brief | How are older debtors and their retirement savings impacted by student loans? Our analysis of the data shows that millions of older workers in the U.S. have significant student debt that may hinder their ability to retire comfortably.

Book Review | It is great fortune for readers when a textbook is both avant-garde and thoroughly contemporary.

Paper | This paper demonstrates that COVAX, the primary international public effort aimed at making yet-to-be-developed vaccines available to poorer countries, was outcompeted for limited supply of vaccines by richer counties who enjoy greater purchasing power.

Working Paper | This essay surveys global pension developments and intellectual basis for pension reform in the last 40 years.

Working Paper | Unpaid eldercare provided by friends and family comes with costs to caregivers, including the limitations eldercare responsibilities may place on labor force participation and work hours. This study examines the relationship between the intensity of unpaid elder care and work behavior for previously full-time workers.