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2021 Annual Report | Press

May 12, 2022

Economic policy analysis can help bring the future forward by providing insights that allow leaders to better decide what is needed today to chart a path toward tomorrow’s desired results. This includes making infrastructure investments now to prevent future damage from climate disasters. SCEPA economists work with journalists and the media to share trends revealed in our data, and to break down how these trends affect people by race, class, and age—and how we can change course if needed. In 2021, SCEPA’s research was covered in more than 100 news articles, providing evidence to support the narratives that will ultimately define future policy.

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SCEPA’s ReLab produces reports on trends in older workers’ experience in the labor market that often reveal older workers’ unique experiences. In 2021, ReLab’s report on older workers resulted in 33 articles in outlets including The Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, and NBC News. These reports and the resulting media stories called out deepening racial inequalities in job recovery for older workers and explained that older workers were not, as originally assumed, part of the “Great Resignation,” but were retiring early, most likely due to age discrimination.

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The high-profile work of our economists led to a two-part series in Barron’s on SCEPA Director Teresa Ghilarducci’s proposal to reform retirement. Originally intended to be a single interview, the magazine received so many impassioned comments they gave it additional coverage to allow for more debate on the importance of how to reform our broken retirement system.


SCEPA economists also share their research with the public by penning opinion pieces, a format that allows for more in-depth discussions while responding to current events in the policy area. This year, SCEPA op-ed headlines included SCEPA Senior Fellow Stephanie Kelton’s “Biden Can Go Bigger and Not ‘Pay for It’ the Old Way” in The New York Times; SCEPA Director Teresa Ghilarducci’s co-authored piece in The Washington Post, “Everyone Should Have the Retirement Plan Federal Employees Enjoy;” and SCEPA Senior Fellow Rick McGahey’s column in Forbes titled, “Are States And Cities Taking On Too Much Debt?


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