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The author argues that mainstream economics largely abandoned this theorem almost twenty years ago and has subsequently moved through two new methodological phases.

This paper offers an adaptation of the square social accounting matrix used in economic planning to the rectangular vertical transaction matrix used in post-Keynesian monetary economics.

This paper explores the relationship between government and society in an era of deindustrialization, globalization and rapid innovation.

The central claim of this paper is that a still richer account requires embedding the Keynesian account in a comparative political economy framework.

This paper investigates the relationship between employment and real output in the U.S. economy from 1948 to 2010 at the aggregate level and at major industry-grouping level.

Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models are one of the most utilized tools for development planning and macro policy analysis.

The paper provides a modification of the standard textbook income – expenditure model that better accounts for the effect of imports.

Service industries for which value added is imputed from incomes, are included in Gross Domestic Product, potentially distorting measures of recession and recovery.