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The death of New York’s Richard Ravitch, a legendary civic and economic expert and problem solver, prompted the New York Times’ Ginia Bellafante to recall the city’s brush with bankruptcy in the 1970s. Noting Ravitch’s role in bringing unions into the city’s financial rescue, Bellafante wonders “could such an alliance happen today?” Sadly, probably not.

The slow return to normalcy after the Covid-19 pandemic has brought back a perennial risk to older workers’ wellbeing: financial fragility.

Willi Semmler, a SCEPA Senior Fellow and NSSR Professor of Economics, has for many years argued that green bonds are a powerful tool for financing the transition to a low-carbon economy. That policy proposal is getting attention — New York state recently overwhelmingly approved a $4.2 ballot measure called the Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act of 2022.

Happy new year, everyone. We are eager for the year ahead. Much of the work ahead of us will be built on the successes of 2022, so we want to pause and reflect a bit on some of the highlights of the past year.

With more people working remotely, commercial real estate is facing an increasingly dire situation and some real estate professionals say the market is being sharply divided "into haves and have-nots."

As the New School community mourns the loss of Lance Taylor, a deeply respected Professor of Economics at the New School for Social Research as well as friend and mentor to many within our community, SCEPA would like to commemorate his many contributions to the Center.