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All major economists supported the adoption of a massive Keynesian stimulus to reverse our economic decline.

Recent claims from Paul Krugman on the superiority of the IS-LM version of Keynesian economics call for a re-thinking of Keynesian economics.

Taylor builds a model of growth and income distribution that shows Piketty's gloomy prediction of an ever greater share of income going to the rich to be far from inevitable.

This paper builds on Post Keynesian theory of markup pricing to outline the microfoundations of a theory of US economic hegemony in an age of global production networks.

The central claim of this paper is that a still richer account requires embedding the Keynesian account in a comparative political economy framework.

The author posits combining the essential propositions of Keynesian-type and what he calls Classical-Type growth theories in a simple way.

Paul Krugman proposes a heuristic model to analyze the current macroeconomic situation.

This paper reviews literature and theory on macroeconomics' use of the "natural" interest rate.