Past Events

Central Banks and Climate Change: the Challenge is Now

January 26, 2024

Professor Willi Semmler delivered the keynote speech on sustainable macroeconomics, climate risks, and energy transitions at the Central Banks and Climate Change event hosted by the University of Rome and the Centro Europa Ricerche. 

Welcome Address

  • Giovanni Di Bartolomeo – Sapienza University of Rome



  • Dario Aversa – University of Palermo
  • Giovanni Ferri – Comitato Scientifico CER - Centro Europa Ricerche


Session Chair:

  • Andrea Pira – Huffington Post



  • Mauro Gallegati – Polytechnical University of the Marche
  • Riccardo Puglisi – University of Pavia
  • Marco Siino – University of Bologna
  • Marco Valente – University of l’Aquila


See Professor Semmler's presentation here.