Seminar Series

Heilbroner Lecture

The Heilbroner lecture is an opportunity for our community of economists to honor the work of Robert Heilbroner, who was both a student and a professor in the economics department of The New School for Social Research. This event is dedicated to understanding questions of economic justice and how the profit-seeking activities of private firms might also serve broader social goals. To use Heilbroner’s words, “capitalism’s uniqueness in history lies in its continuously self- generated change, but it is this very dynamism that is the system’s chief enemy.”  

Dr. Ellora Derenoncourt will deliver the 2023 Heilbroner Lecture on the evolution of racial inequality in the United States. Dr. Derenoncourt is Assistant Professor of Economics at Princeton University and a member of the Industrial Relations Section of Princeton Economics. She is also the founder and faculty director for the Program for Research on Inequality at Princeton Economics. Her research focuses on labor economics, economic history, and the study of inequality. Recent studies have included the northern backlash against the Great Migration, the role of minimum wages in racial earnings inequality, and the long-run evolution of the racial wealth gap.



This year's lecture will take place on December 13 at 4pm. Check back soon for registration details.


Past speakers include: 

  • Lance Taylor, Emirutus Professor of Economics, The New School
    • A Great Deformation: 50 Years of Regressive Redistribution in the US economy
  • Angus Deaton, Nobel Laureate & Emeritus Professor of Economics and Public Affaris, Princeton University  & Anne Case, Emeritus Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University  
    • Deaths of Despair': Increasing Mortality Among White, Middle-Aged, Less-Educated Americans
  • Yanis Varoufakis, Former Greek Minister of Finance and Professor of Economics at the University of Athens 
    • The Future of Capitalism
  • Bina Agarwal, Professor of Development Economics and Environment, University of Manchester
    • Institutions, Property, and Gender Inequality: it’s Time to Change the Rules!
  • William "Sandy" Darity, Samuel DuBois Cook Professor of Public Policy, African and African American Studies, and Economics and the Director of the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity, Duke University
    • Does Racism Make You Sick? Health, Wealth, & Race in America