SCEPA's Sustainability project documents the research of SCEPA economists Duncan Foley and Lance Taylor as they investigate how nations can reconcile their needs for growth, stability and sustainability. This project is generously supported by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).

Insights Blog

The Real Driver of Rising Inequality

Wage suppression - not monopoly power - is fueling corporate profits and the growing gap between rich and poor.

Policies to Reverse Inequality

Only a power and resource shift from capital to labor can reverse the entrenched trends of inequality.

Are Economists Missing the Big Picture?

New School Economics Professor Lance Taylor thinks most economists are missing the big picture.

Resource Library

Economic Growth, Income Distribution & Climate Change

This paper explores how climate damage affects the long-run evolution of the economy.

A Bayesian Latent Variable Mixture Model for Filtering Firm Profit Rate

This paper examines the distribution of profit rates in the United States using firm-level data to examine the theory of the equalization of the rate of profit.

Varieties of Keynesianism

Recent claims from Paul Krugman on the superiority of the IS-LM version of Keynesian economics call for a re-thinking of Keynesian economics.

Critical Economics Course

Online Course

Economics: Society, Markets, and [In]equality

This free online course teaches the power dynamics that determine how people and resources are valued, how goods move around the world, and how we manage our planet and the future.