annualreport - The New School SCEPA

The Schwartz Center’s 2020 annual report documents how we are continuing a 25-year tradition of turning our network’s mission-based research into policy proposals that improve the lives of the working class.

SCEPA's 2018 Annual Report documents how we advance and translate the bold economic ideas of our non-mainstream economists at The New School to change the course of our future.

SCEPA's 2017 Annual Report documents how our research works to advance positive change through education and collaboration.

Our 2010 Annual Report describes our work on collaboration and outreach. 

Our 2012 Annual Report describes our efforts to build a solid platform to support research.

SCEPA's 2013 Annual Report documents our growing audience.

Our 2015 Annual Report documents SCEPA's engagement with today's high-profile issues.

SCEPA's 2016 Annual Report documents our work to pursue innovative solutions to the nation’s pressing economic questions - by producing strategic research under academic standards.