Annual Reports

2013 Annual Report

April 9, 2013

SCEPA's 2013 Annual Report documents our growing audience.

Our audience has expanded because our economists and research teams are tackling some of the largest issues in today’s policy arena. Last year, we consolidated our research into dedicated projects, enabling us to promote dialogue, education and collaboration around thematic research questions. These projects have increased in both breadth and depth. Our Retirement Income Security Project has seen a policy victory in California with the signing of a new law for private retirement accounts based on a SCEPA model. Our Economics of Climate Change project received additional funding this year to expand an international conversation on renewable energy. Last, our work on the effects of climate change has grown with a joint project with the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) on sustainability and economic growth. Using our new, dynamic website as a primary platform, we were able to garner more followers in person at public events and online through social media.

These efforts have brought SCEPA increased visibility in American policy debates, funding from prominent foundations, and helped us solidify our position as a New York-based, progressive policy institute producing scholarly research. We look forward to continuing this work next year and beyond.

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