Annual Reports

2016 Annual Report

April 9, 2017

SCEPA's 2016 Annual Report documents our work to pursue innovative solutions to the nation’s pressing economic questions - by producing strategic research under academic standards.

This past year, our economists engaged in debates surrounding the United Nation's Paris Agreement, the $15 minimum wage, and growth and inequality. In its first full year, the center’s Retirement Equity Lab (ReLab) impacted the national debate on reforming our failing retirement system. Research produced by the Lab was cited in materials supporting retirement reform legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate. We engaged with the community by sharing an economics course online and hosting events. Our largest event yet featured former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis for his talk, "The Future of Capitalism." 

SCEPA is committed to engaging in the issues that affect Americans’ economic well-being and support a better future. We are grateful for the generosity of our supporters and partners in these efforts and look forward to sharing our progress as we move forward next year and beyond.

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