Annual Report 2021

Partnerships & Support

May 18, 2022 Written by scott

We are grateful to our funders and partners for their work and for supporting our efforts to build a sustainable and equitable future. We aim to advance these goals by fostering conversations and building partnerships within The New School as well as outside our walls. Continued support from the Thyssen Foundation enabled us to host convenings and produce research on climate change, while funding from the Hewlett Foundation supported research into strengthening heterodox economic teaching. In 2021, with the support of the RRF Foundation for Aging, we partnered with the Economic Policy Institute to advance awareness of issues related to older workers and retirement and foster discussion among researchers, advocates, and policymakers to advance meaningful reform. And with the support of the One Project initiative, we are harnessing the ideas of The New School’s economics department to rethink how we teach economics to the next generation.