SCEPA's 25th Anniversary

Watch— 'How Does SCEPA Make an Impact?' Video

As a part of our #SCEPAat25 anniversary celebration, SCEPA published a new video on how we challenge traditional economic paradigms and how we impact public policy.

Project Spotlight: Critical Public Finance

Critical Public Finance MissionSCEPA’s Critical Public Finance (CPF) project investigates how the increasing financialization of municipal finance affects local government’s ability to be transparent and accountable to taxpayers as well as its effects on increasing urban inequality. Critical Public Finance TeamSCEPA Associate Director Bridget Fisher directs the CPF project, working with SCEPA Research Associates Flávia Leite and Jose Coronado and SCEPA Senior Fellow Rick McGahey. Critical...

Project Spotlight: Economics of Climate Project

Economics of Climate MissionSCEPA’s Economics of Climate Change project seeks to determine the consequences of climate change policy proposals on domestic and global economics and the possibilities for renewable energy. The project investigates effective climate change policy in light of fragile domestic and global economies, and challenges critics of policies that would mitigate climate change who cite negative effects on the economy to forestall change. Economics of Climate TeamOur Economics...

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