SCEPA's 25th Anniversary

Watch— 'How Does SCEPA Make an Impact?' Video

March 23, 2021 Written by

As a part of our #SCEPAat25 anniversary celebration, SCEPA published a new video on how we challenge traditional economic paradigms and how we impact public policy.


The video explores how SCEPA creates the next generation of researchers, through work with our research associates and other New School for Social Research students that go on to shape policy and challenge the status quo in economics. “The most important thing you can do is to frame the conversation in a way that’s counter to these narratives that exist that put the onus on members of a disadvantaged group. That’s something we did at SCEPA and it’s something we do at JEC,” explains Kyle Moore, former SCEPA RA who went on to work for the Joint Economic Committee Analyst for Democrats in Congress and now works at the Economic Policy Institute.

In addition to serving as a launchpad for the next generation of economic thinkers, SCEPA also provides heterodox economists a platform to publish their work on a range of issues, from climate justice to a dignified retirement and labor. Beyond research, SCEPA has brought these issues and transformative solutions to the public through hundreds of events and in mainstream media, and to the halls of Congress to turn progressive research into tangible change. In the next 25 years, we look forward to creating a more equitable future together.

You can watch the video and more videos from SCEPA on our Youtube page